58分50秒 CD−R

Photo:Suishounofune Akastuki CDr Jacket This four-track cd-r, with a running time of just under an hour, was released by the band and is mainly being sold on tour. The opening track, nearly seventeen minutes long, lives up to the disc's title with hypnotic, repetitive bell-tones and a muted swirl of abstract sound very much like fog creeping across the ground at dawn; the pace is as glacial as it is inexorable, the sound muted and reverential, and when Pirako's breathy vocals finally come in halfway through the song, they just add another layer of mystery to the sonic cloud. On "Hikari Ahureru," where the occasional vocals are provided by Keago, that same hypnotic and subdued approach eventually spirals upward into piercing guitar wails and explosive bursts of interstellar noise like sunspots emitting bursts of radiation. The amp hum and buzzing, bee-like guitar that opens "Itosiki Yani" morph into droning and endless guitar notes that abruptly turn into shrieking near-white noise nearly eight minutes into the song; at the same time, rumbling bass drones provide an anchor to keep the cathedral-like sound from floating off into the clouds. The final track, "Nanikaga," is the only one with drums, and over a simple beat, Pirako and Keago lay down drifting sheets of reverb and pealing guitar that don't drown out Pirako's evocative vocals. While the band's look and approach invite comparisons to Fushitsusha, their raga-like approaching to drone (with its distinctly middle-eastern vibe) and sheer emotional content is considerably more reminiscent of Kadura. What's so amazing about this band's sound is that they are able to say so much with such minimalist music, and how consistent they are in creating a readily identifable aesthetic out of what appears to be almost nothing. Highly recommended, especially for those already entranced with the band's album on Holy Mountain.
(the one true dead angel)

(松田 康・
G-Modern 27号より)

1 ほろほろ
2 光溢れる
3 愛しき闇
4 なにかが

g.vo  紅ぴらこ
g,vo  影男
dr    テール