Suishou No Fune / Live Infomation

May 14, 2021 (Japan Time)

< UNDERGROUND SPIRIT vol.16 - The wind is spring. There is a rainbow in the sky. Love is hiding in the waves>

This is a musical performance with pure expression and free spirit.
We make a clear distinction between "UNDERGROUND SPIRIT"performance and Commercialistic music.

act : SUISHOU NO FUNE ( Kurenai Pirako G.Vo / Kageo G / Matsueda Hideo Ba / Mark Anderson Dre)

open   6:00 p.m
Start   6:45 p.m

Ticket prices
2,500 yen
(reservation required)

B1, 2-10-6, Kichijoji honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Phone 0422-22-3331 (SILVER EREPHANT)

If there is an appearance request or a reservation of a ticket, please contact us by an email.
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