< Your Tears >
(49:37 minutes) CD
released September 25, 2011


1.Your Tears - Drop From The Sky
2. Let the Flowers Bloom
3. Endless Descent
4. Cherry

Suishou No Fune's
g,vo Pirako Kurenai
g,vo Kageo
ba Hideo Matsueda
drs Shizuo Uchida

Distributed Modern Music
Suishou No Fune
Recording on 2009
Design neconeco design
Translation Alan Cummings
Photo Kazuhiro Okuno
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It is a Japanese booklet by a collection of poems on"Your tears"of Suishou No Fune and YUNICO UCHIYAMA's Illustration.
The booklet with the serial number is printed silkscreen by YUNICO
(100 limited edition).
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Formed in 1999, Suishou no Fune were part of the third wave of indigenous psychedelia to emerge from the depths of the Tokyo scene. Fronted by female vocalist and guitarist Pirako and her partner Kageo, the group treads a unique line between the tremulous and the cavernous. Joined by Shizuo Uchida from Hasegawa-Shizuo, le son de lfos, etc on drums, this is the groupfs most elegiac album yet, a gorgeously aching evensong to love, lanquidity and loss, sung in echoing cathedrals of drone, distortion and fuzz. Measured, coherent, and at times emotionally overwhelming.   Four tracks, 49 minutes.
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Suishou No Fune aren't quite first wave Japanese psych, but they're vets nonetheless: they started in the late 1990s, and Your Tears, according to Discogs, is their 14th album.  They don't sound as blues-based, or as swingeing, as Old School Jap Psych (Speed, Glue & Shinki/Flower Travellin' Band/etc).  Their name means "crystal ship" in Japanese, which captures something of what they're about - sculpture and grace, ecstatic beauty over bruising power, blue heat ovet red.  The songs each follow a similar pattern. There's a quieter bit that builds: washes of guitar, tentative drums, chiming lead-work, breathy, ragic vocals; then there's a loud bit: the same chord sequence but crunched out in distorted power chords,and some of the most ecstatic guitar-soloing this side of The Baby Grandmothers.  Suishou No Fune's music is formulaic, but that shouldn't matter: it's just another symptom of their loved-up ingenuousness.
(TheWire - January2012 U.K)

Much-anticipated debut PSF release for this amazing Tokyo psych unit. PSF has always felt like the spiritual home of Suishou No Fune, whose sound extends and expands on the experiments in explosive guitar psych of units like Fushitsusha, Shizuka, Ghost, Kousokuya et al. This album also sees them finalise a full group line-up with principle members Kageo and Pirako joined by Shizuo Uchida of Hasegawa-Shizuo and Kito Mizukumi Rouber on drums and Hideo Matsueda on electric bass. The new rhythm section really pushes the group sound and they get into some fantastic driving/pummelling psych-outs. Kageo and Pirako have perfected that beautiful deep-space guitar sound associated with masters like Loren Connors and Maki Miura and they trade bliss-perfect guitar lines that twine like smoke around your skull before stepping on the fuzz for maniacal sky-scarping leads that are as bloody-minded in their pursuit of the zone as anything from the hands of Mizutani. In addition, their very different vocal styles work to complement each other, with Pirakofs high ethereal style countered by Kageofs dark, rasping post-Kaneko growls. Suishou No Fune have made some great records in the past but it feels like they have really upped their game and honed their sound for their PSF debut and this one sits perfectly alongside that labels many, many greats. Highly recommended.
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