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Blossoming Noise/ bn041 CD
(73minutes) CD
released December 12, 2008

1 Entrance to the labyrinth
2 Fragments of a broken glass
3 At dusk
4 Golden smoke
5 The world in the mirror
6 Exit from the labyrinth

Sample MP-3 (Entrance to labyrinth)
Sample MP-3 (At dusk)

Produce by Blossoming Noise
Distriduted by Forced Exposure
Record by "there"
Layout & Design by Makeup Diaries
Record at Studio UEN (May, 2007)

Suishou No Fune
Pirako Kurenai (guitar,vocal)
Kageo (guitar,vocal)
Takuya Nishimura (bess)
Kiyasu (drums) - special thanks

This album was recorded in a studio of Tokyo in spring, 2007.
"there" (label of Tokyo) worked on record and mix.
The album by quartet is the second release since S/T (first CDR - 2003).
All songs are real impromptu.
It is an album in 2 parts (duo and quartet).
1) Duo ... Pirako(vo.g) Kageo(vo.g)
2) Quartet ... Pirako(g.vo) Kageo(g.vo) Takuya Nishimura(ba) kiyasu(drs)
Duo overflows with a lot of songs, and quartet overflows with playing by very loud sound with an acid feeling.
( by Suishou No Fune j

Psychedelic guitar experiments of the most expressive and essential kind from Japanese masters Suishou No Fune, Here the core duo of Pirako and Kageo benefit from an expanded roster of musicians making up a proper drum and bass rhythm section. While the augmented roster of personnel permits some pretty fierce psych forays (especially 'Entrance To The Labyrinth' and its bookending counterpart 'Exit From Labyrinth) there's still plenty of room for those cosmological blues jams these guys excel at: 'Fragments Of A Broken Glass' is a thing of remarkable and strange beauty, covered in dissolving guitar effects and complex harmonic interplay. Excellent.

Brand new studio album from this post-PSF Japanese underground group after a run of live albums. The Gold Labyrinth sees the core duo of guitarists/vocalists Pirako and Kageo bolstered by bassist Takuya Nishimura and drummer Kiyasu. The expanded line-up gives the group a much more aggressive bottom end and at points they touch on the kind of ferocious bass/drums angularity of Fushitsushafs Tokuma period but there are still plenty of Suishoufs patented float-away ballads, with long passages of twin guitars generating arc after arc of slow, technicolour electricity. A great album.
iVolcanic Tonguej

Pirako Kurenai (guitare electrique, voix), Kageo (guitare electrique, voix), Takuya Nishimura (basse) et Kiyasu (batterie) enregistres en studio (avec des caisses de reverb) durant l'mois d'mai 2007. Tres agreable dans l'genre psychedelique et lenifiant, une jolie suite de douces ambiances etherees et oniriques facon errance dans de vastes paysages desertiques carresses par la brise sous un ciel plein de lourd et gris nuages passant au ralenti. Puis un brin d'agitation stoned au final. Ca plane pour eux.

We thought this was out of print already, but it turned out the label still had a few copies they could send us. So, another chance to grab this, folks!
What does Japanese underground psych-folk, limited to 300 copies, we only got a dozen mean to you? That we don't have to write a lengthy review of this? Thanks, we thought so.
It's criminal that they made this so limited, 'cause some fans of this band are going to be disappointed (the ones that don't get a copy, of course, not those that do). This disc is another bleak trip into the "mystic atmosphere" of Suishou No Fune's lo-fi soundworld, the six long tracks here wandering a metaphorical, musical labyrinth golden with the glow of a setting sun. Some tracks generate a droning din, others more languidly flow with fragile vibrations, the band almost nodding off, but *nervously* never quite achieving that sad bliss. It's a hazy and gauzy interplay of (mostly) subdued electric guitar, clattering drums, and morose, wailing vocals that sound like the singer is singing *to himself*, trying to stave off existential loneliness and despair in the depths of the labyrinth. The guitar will sometimes build up, threatening full-on psych storms, but only really reaches max volume on the disc's final track, "Exit From The Labyrinth".
We'd recommended this to fans of LSD-march, Fushitsusha, etc. but it's not necessary. Firstly those folks probably already know about Suishou No Fune and secondly, we only have enough of these for Suishou No Fune fans first and foremost.
(Aquarius Records)

The Suishou No Fune's "The Gold Labyrinth" CD was released on December 12, 2008
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