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SUISHOU NO FUNE was formed by Pirako Kurenai and Kageo in Tokyo,1999. Their style is floating and dreamy Japanease Psychedelic Rock!
The basics of their music are formed by the sound of a guitar duo.
The artistic sound is psychedelic; twin guitars work full of sensitivity and freedom that is not bound by stereotype.
They treat the spirit that dwells in the words and poetry with respect; a spiritual performance in resonance with these vibrations.

Their performances and albums are performed partially as a duo and partially as a full band.
Their duo style mainly receives inspiration from free style playing found among Japanese and foreign performers. As a duo, they sing songs adlib, influenced by the atmosphere of the land and sound, words, poetry, memory.
Their band style is rock in a style that sets poetry to music based on improvised lyrics.
The musicality of both styles ranges from minimal and ambient to loud.
You will enjoy the sound of the Japanese lyrics and their psychedelic world, even if you don't understand Japanese.

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1999, 7
Suishou No Fune was formed by Pirako Kurenai(guitar,vocal) and Kageo(guitar,vocal) in Tokyo, Japan.

1999, 11
The activity start in Tokyo.

2002, 3
Toshihiko Isogai(drums) joins.

2003, 1
doronco(bass) which was active in the Japanese famous legendary avant garde rock band "Les Rallizes Denudes" joins.

2003, 5
Yokai Takahashi(bass, ex "Les Rallizes Denudes") joins.

2003, 10
"Suishou No Fune LIVE/from 2002 to 2003"CDR by Self-release.
This CDR especially gets high evaluation in U.K.

2004, 3
Tail(drums) joins. Band activity becomes very active, and 63 shows succeed in 1 year. 

2004, 7
Awesome 3 hours jam session with famous artist Keiji Haino (Fushitsusha) , and several times session afterwards.

2004, 11
Jam session with Chie Mukai(Che-Shizu) and Tori Kudo(Maher Shalal Hash Baz) , and several times session afterwards.

2005, 2
V.A."Tokyo Flashback vol.5"CD released by P.S.F. Records(JAPAN).
Many FM radio in the world broadcast, and the name of Suishou No Fune comes to be known in indie music scene.

2005, 2
Performance of the one-man show of 3 hours regularly.

2005, 3
Jun Harada(dr.) joins.

2005, 5
Appearance by invitation of famous "Le Weekend Festival" in U.K. Scotland.
This performance are highly regarded , and becomes the topic everywhere.
U.K. music magazine "THE WIRE" makes our video clip of "Le Weekend Festival" with Dream Aktion Unit, Dredd Foole& The Din , Mirror/Dash(Thurston Moore,Kim Gordon) Kousokuya, in their website.

2005, 5
The session recording with scottish group's "Taurpis Tula" at Tolbooth in Scotland(Stirling).

2005, 6
"Suishou No Fune" CD released by Japanoise Records(JAPAN),Underground Flower Records(JAPAN).
The CD is sold out after first edition release immediately and presses again in a hurry. The CD is sold in China and Russian record shop not to mention Europe and America.

2005, 8
Jam session with Jutoku Kaneko(Kosokuya), and several times session afterwards.

2005, 9
Domestic tour start.

2006, 3
"Where The Spirits Are" CD released by Holy Mountain(U.S.A)
The CD is praised by indie music scene of many countries in the world , not to mention Europe and U.S.A.

2006, 3
V.A. 'Not Alone' 5 CD Benefit Album for Doctors Without Borders released by Durtro(U.K.)/ Jnana(CANADA).
This is 5 CD set featuring from 86 artists from around the globe. All the proceeds from the sale of this project will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres specifically to target their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

2006, 5
Our interview is published by magazine "G-Modern vol.26" of Japanese traditional and authoritative indie label P.S.F Records.

2006, 5
Jam session with Urabe Masayoshi(a.s.)

U.S. tour... San Francisco(2shows), Portland-OR(1show), Seattle(2shows), Chicago(2shows), NYC(3shows), Providence(1show)

"I Throw A Stone Into The Endless Depths"Tape released by Sloow Tapes(BELGIUM).
Soon sold out.

U.S. tour... Portland-OR(1show), Austin"SXSW Music Festival 2007"(4shows), NYC(2shows), Philadelphia(1show)

"Writhing Underground Flowers" was released by The Lotus Sound (U.S.A).
Michael Gibbons of the bardo pond (a psychedelic band of Philadelphia) is engaged in the produce of this CD, a master ring, the album layout.
Takuya Nishimura (ba) and Takahisa Kikukawa (drs) joined a member.

"Where The Spirits Are" was released in last year by Holy Mountain.
As for it, 500 copies were pressed by addition again.

From ARCHIVE recording (U.S.A) "The light of dark night- Live at Philly" of 600 copies released.

2007, 9/14 - 10/13
The Suishou no Fune performed the third American tour.
This tour performed 22 performances (including the show in the radio station) in United States for a period for one month.
Suishou No Fune appointed Matt Zaun, Mike Shoun, Brandon Pierce as a drums player for this tour.

From Important Records (U.S.A) "The Shining Star" of 1000 copies released.

February 18, 2008
"Prayer for Chibi" 2CDs was released by Holy Mountain.
This album was recorded in a studio of Portland in March ,2007.
"Chibi" was a love cat of Pirako and Kageo. He died for a disease on February 13, 2007.
This album is a memorial album to "Chibi".

The fourth Suishou No fune performed a U.S tour.
HELIOTROPE Festival(Minneapolis)
And played in TELEMAGICA Art & Music Festival(Jacumba)

"Mystic Atmosphere-CDR" was released by Cut Hands (Netherlands).

2008, 8
Hideo Matsueda (Bass) joins.


November 3, 2008
The truncated two song vinyl version of Suishou No Fune's "Prayer for Chibi" was released by Holy Mountain.

Desember 12, 2008
"The Gold Labyrinth" was released by Blossoming Noise (U.S.A).

April 16, 2009
"Phantom of the Eternal Night" was released by Japanese "there label".

August 2009
Shizuo Uchida (Drs) joins.

November 2, 2009
Suishou No Fune tenth anniversary memorial gig
Suishou No Fune (Pirako, Kageo, Hideo Matsueda, Shizuo Uchida) with: Kan Mikami

Februry 16, 2010
"Secret Entrance" was released by Scumbag Relations (U.S.A).

May 28, 2011
"Bonsai No Ie" was released by 8MM RECORDS (Italy).

September 25, 2011
"You Tears" was released by "P.S.F RECORDS".

From May 31, 2012 to June 20 .
Suishounofune carried out 14 performances of the United States . A tour first by four formation in America .
The formation was pirako , Kageo , Matsueda Hideo , Harada  jun .
We broadcast live broadcasting in radio station WFMU of New Jersey .
We record union band of Suishou No Fune and Bardo Pond, Moon Phantoms in Philadelphia.

May 29, 2013
Session sound source "Black Flowers Of The Forest In The Cosmos" CD and Class three pieces box set of Suishou No Fune and Numinous Eye of San Francisco release it from Brazilian label "Essence Music".

March 25, 2015
"When You Wish upon a Star" was released by "P.S.F RECORDS"

March 25-30, 2015
Suishou No Fune - Europe tour.
March 25 / "CAFE OTO" London U.K
Suishou No Fune (Pirako vo.g, Kageo vo.g) with Bridget Hayden.

March 26 / "les ateliers claus" Bruxelles Belgium
Suishou No Fune
(Pirako vo.g, Kageo vo.g)
with Riccardo Dillon Wanke / Strategy.
March 27 / "Stadslimiet" Antwerpen Belgium
Suishou No Fune (Pirako vo.g, Kageo vo.g)
with Strategy.
March 30 / "Nicéphore Cité" Chalon-sur-Saône, France
Suishou No Fune
(Pirako vo.g, Kageo vo.g)

May 9, 2015
played Suishou No Fune in "TheEmptyGallery" of Hong Kong

We hold a live performance for two hours regularly titled "UNDERGROUND SPIRIT" which we began in March, 2015 at Show Boat(Koenji) and SILVER ELEPHANT( Kichijoji) in Tokyo.
the present progressive

January 19, 2018
A live album "Moonlight" was released on SOUR TAPES